Ultrafast Dynamics and Precision Stabilization in Chip-Scale Optical Frequency Combs
Ultrafast Dynamics and Precision Stabilization in Chip-Scale Optical Frequency Combs
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Optical frequency combs, with the precisely controlled spectral lines spanning over a broad spectrum, have made great impacts on frequency metrology, optical clockwork, precision navigation, high capacity communication, and molecular fingerprinting over the past decades. In addition to the standard implementation based on mode-locked lasers, optical frequency comb based on parametric oscillation in ultrahigh Q microresonator has become an invaluable complement in areas where compact footprint, low power consumption, large comb spacing, and access to unconventional spectral region are essential. 


In this webinar hosted by the OSA Integrated Optics Technical Group, Dr. Shu-Wei Huang from the University of California Los Angeles will review recent progress on the so-called Kerr frequency comb. Dr. Huang will first present the generation of ultrashort pulses and broadband frequency combs from ultrahigh Q microresonators. Then Dr. Huang will describe the strategies to fully stabilize Kerr frequency combs and achieve chip-scale optical frequency synthesizers. Finally, Dr. Huang will be reporting on some new nonlinear phenomena in these microresonators which can broaden the scope of Kerr frequency comb.


What You Will Learn in the Webinar:

  • The state of the art in integrated optical frequency combs, design approaches, characteriation of advanced frequencey combs/synthesizers.


Who Should Attend the Webinar:

  • Faculty, PhD students, postdocs and researchers working in integrated optics, laser dynamics, nonlinear and ultrafast optics.
  • People working in the area of fiber optics and quantum optics may also be interested.


Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
December 12, 2016