The Fascinating Optics of Metamaterials and Plasmonics
The Fascinating Optics of Metamaterials and Plasmonics
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Metamaterials and plasmonics offer unprecedented opportunities to tailor and enhance the interaction of waves with materials. In this webinar hosted by the Nanophotonics Technical Group, Dr. Andrea Alu from the University of Texas at Austin will discuss his group's recent research activity in electromagnetics, nano-optics, and acoustics, showing how suitably tailored meta-atoms and suitable arrangements of them open exciting venues to manipulate and control waves in unprecedented ways.


Dr. Alu also will discuss recent theoretical and experimental results, including nanoclusters and metasurfaces to control wave propagation and radiation, large nonreciprocity without magnetism, large nonlinearities in tailored metamaterials, and parity-time symmetry in meta-atoms and metasurfaces. Physical insights into these exotic phenomena, new devices based on these concepts, and their impact on technology will be discussed during this one-hour webinar.


What You Will Learn in the Webinar:

  • Recent developments of plasmonic devices, metasurfaces, and acoustic/optical metamaterials.


Who Should Attend the Webinar:

  • Graduate students, postdocs and researchers interested in plasmonic and metamaterial devices.
  • Nanophotonic scientists and engineers working on the development of plasmonic devices and nanocircuits.


Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
October 04, 2016