Flat and Conformal Optics Based on Dielectric Metasurfaces
Flat and Conformal Optics Based on Dielectric Metasurfaces
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Flat optical devices based on lithographically patterned sub-wavelength dielectric nano-structures provide precise control over optical wavefronts, and thus promise to revolutionize the field of free-space optics. In this webinar hosted by the OSA Optical Material Studies Technical Group, Dr. Andrei Faraon from California Institute of Technology will discuss his work on high contrast transmitarrays and reflectarrays composed of silicon nano-posts located on top of low index substrates like silica glass or transparent polymers.


Complete control of both phase and polarization is achieved at the level of single nano-post, which enables control of the optical wavefront with sub-wavelength spatial resolution. Using this nano-post platform, we demonstrate lenses, waveplates, polarizers, arbitrary beam splitters and holograms.  Devices that provide multiple functionalities, like simultaneous polarization beam splitting and focusing are implemented. By embedding the metasurfaces in flexible substrates, conformal optical devices that decouple the geometrical shape and optical function are shown. Multiple flat optical elements are integrated in optical systems such as planar retro-reflectors and Fourier lens systems with applications in ultra-compact imaging systems. Applications in microscopy and the prospects for tunable devices will also be discussed during the webinar.


What You Will Learn About in the Webinar:

  • Dielectric metasurfaces, nanophotonics, optical materials


Who Should Attend the Webinar:

  • Anyone interested in nanophotonics and optical materials


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Seminar Date:
November 09, 2016