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Introduction to Optical Glasses: Characteristics, Applications and Customizations

Sponsored by SCHOTT North America

High-quality optical glasses have remained the key enabling material for the realization of ever-increasingly sophisticated imaging systems. Advancements in image correction have relied not only on the use of sophisticated ray-tracing techniques and clever engineering, but also on the availability of high-quality optical glasses with desirable attributes. This webinar will highlight the principal characteristics of optical glasses, including their optical, mechanical, and thermal properties, as well as an introduction regarding the selection of appropriate glasses for specific applications. The range of currently available optical glasses will be reviewed as well as and the ability to customize compositions and/or processes to meet specific customer requirements. Finally, a brief introduction to materials that provide useful optical functionality outside the wavelength range of traditional optical glasses will be presented.

Speaker: Dr. Mark J. Davis, Senior Research Scientist, SCHOTT North America Inc.

Who Should Attend
  • - Optical Designers
  • - Optical Engineers
  • - Employees of defense contractors and associated subcontractors involved with imaging systems for whom a broad overview of optical glasses would be beneficial
  • - Students


As this webinar seeks to offer a broad base overview, those with a beginner knowledge of the field would be appropriate to attend this webinar.
Seminar Objectives
  • Basic Physics and chemistry of glasses.
  • Key optical, mechanical, and thermal properties of optical glasses; chemical durability will also be addressed.
  • Basic glass selection criteria will be reviewed, including the use of the Abbe diagram.
  • Range of currently available optical glasses and the methodology to customize compositions and/or processes to meet specific requirements.
  • Materials with functionality outside the range of traditional optical glasses.
Seminar Information
Date Presented:
September 20, 2011 1:00 PM Eastern
1 hour
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Introduction to Optical Glasses: Characteristics, Applications and Customizations
Dr. Mark J. Davis, Senior Research Scientist, SCHOTT North America Inc.

Trained as a geologist (Ph.D. in Geology, Yale) with an emphasis on materials-related problems, Mark Davis is heavily involved with glass and glass-ceramic R&D for SCHOTT North America Inc., including identification of new applications and the most appropriate compositions and processes for those applications. He is also involved in the development of precision optical measurement techniques relevant to glass, glass-ceramic, and related materials.

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