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This webinar presents a tutorial view of recent advances in long haul DWDM transmission technologies. We introduce the challenges that real world optical fiber poses, look at the historical and present-day success that the industry has had in overcoming these challenges, and look at what the future is likely to hold for long haul DWDM transmission. 


What You Will Learn/Seminar Objectives

  • What are the challenges of optical fiber in terms of the fiber spectrum, attenuation, dispersion and non-linear effects? What impact do these effects have on our ability to transmit at very high data rates?
  • What has the industry achieved in terms of technology breakthroughs for high data rate transmission? In particular we look at the advantages of phase-based modulation, coherent detection, digital signal processing and high gain forward error correction.
  • How have these been brought together in the form of coherent super-channels, and how do we define this technology and its variations?
  • How do we tell the difference between the claims of a so-called “hero experiment” versus the real world reach and capacity one can expect from fiber that’s deployed today?
  • In the final section we will look at three technologies that are almost certain to play a significant part in driving the reach and capacity of long haul networks in the near future. These are higher order modulation, in the form of 8QAM, 16QAM and even more complex encoding techniques; “Nyquist” and “super-Nyquist” DWDM techniques; and flexible grid technologies that will allow us to squeeze the maximum capacity from the existing fiber infrastructure.


Who Should Attend

  • Optical network designers and engineers
  • DWDM equipment engineers
  • Optical and opto-electronic component engineers
  • Students involved in optical communication technologies
  • Industry analysts, journalists and consultants who are looking to understand the latest technology advances in DWDM transmission



Geoff Bennett, Director of Solutions & Technology, Infinera 



This is an intermediate to advanced level. Attendees should have some knowledge of optical transmission technologies and associated terminology.

Seminar Information
Date Presented:
June 04, 2014 11:00 AM Eastern
1 hour
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Advances in DWDM Transmission Technologies

Geoff Bennett is the Director of Solutions and Technology for Infinera, a leading manufacturer of Intelligent Transport Network solutions. He has over 20 years of experience in the data communications industry, including IP routing with Proteon and Wellfleet; ATM and MPLS experience with FORE Systems; and optical transmission and switching experience with Marconi, where he held the position of Distinguished Engineer in the CTO Office. Geoff is a frequent conference speaker, and is the author of "esigning TCP/IP Internetworks", published by VNR.
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