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Automate Everything: Extending Transport Network Automation to the Flexible Optical Layer
Service providers continue to face staggering increases in bandwidth, driven primarily by video and cloud combined with increasingly competitive broadband and mobile access speeds.  This growth requries ongoing CapEx investment in the network at both the IP/MPLS layer (Layer3/2.5) and the OTN and DWDM transport layer (Layer1/0) so that service providers can continue to deliver high quality network experiences to their customers. To help keep OpEx costs under cntrol it's essential for the Transport network to offer high levels of automaton and be easy to plan, build and operate.
Ease of use for modern transport networkds has many facets, but one obvious requirement is that it must be possible to automate day to day operations such as provisioning, protecting or rerouting services.
In this webinar we look at how a number of high level trends are coming together to help increase Transport Network capacity and scalability, while at the same time offering unprecedented levels of automation.
What You Will Learn/Seminar Objectives:
  • A review of existing transport network architectures
  • The trend from fixed grid to flexible grid DWDM transmission
  • ROADM evolution, and the move towards flexible spectrum management
  • The need for a unified Control Plane, and the development of GMPLS Spectrum Switched Optical Networks (SSON)
Geoff Bennett, Director of Strategic Marketing, Infinera
Who Should Attend:
  • Integrated Optics professionals
  • Optical Communications professionals
  • Optoelectronics professionals
  • Fiber Optics Technology professionals
  • Photonic Detection professionals
Intermediate to Advance
Seminar Information
Date Presented:
April 23, 2014 1:00 PM Eastern
1 hour
Registration Fee:
Registration for this event is closed
Automate Everything: Extending Transport Network Automation to the Flexible Optical Layer

Geoff Bennett is the Director of Strategic Marketing for Infinera, a manufacturer of Digital ROADM next generation transport network switches.  He has over 20 years of experience in the data communications industry, including IP routing with Proteon and Wellfleet; ATM and MPLS experience with FORE Systems; and optical transmission and switching experience with Marconi, where he held the position of Distinguished Engineer in the CTO Office.  Geoff is a frequent conference speaker, and is the author of “Designing TCP/IP Internetworks”, published by VNR.

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