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Guidelines for Calculating Measurement Uncertainty of the Interferometric Radius 

ISO and NIST provide guidelines for evaluating and expressing the uncertainty of a given measurement, but the application of these guidelines in optical fabrication is not as straightforward as it would seem. Measurements are considered incomplete without a statement of uncertainty thus knowledge of how uncertainty is calculated is essential to understanding the manufacturability of optical components.  

This webinar will introduce the guidelines for measurement uncertainty and an example of the uncertainty calculation, i.e. how to calculate a measurement's plus or minus, of the interferometric radius measurement. With knowledge of measurement uncertainty, optical designers can tolerance within manufacturing and metrology limits saving time in the manufacturing process. In addition, with knowledge of the measurement uncertainty, a full system analysis is more accurate when the measurement uncertainty is taken into account. 

Kate Medicus Ph.D., Metrologist, Optimax

Who Should Attend 
  • Optical designers 
  • Optical fabricators 
  • Quality control 
    - People who specify optical components
    - People who tolerance optical components
    - People who take or certify measurements
    - People who qualify optical components

Intermediate: Some experience with optical testing will be assumed

Seminar Objectives
  • The ISO definition of uncertainty, traceability, accuracy, repeatability, and related terms
  • How the uncertainty of a interferometric radius measurement is calculated
  • What can be done to reduce the uncertainty in the interferometric radius measurement
  • Learning to tolerance for measurement
  • Best practice for measurements
Seminar Information
Date Presented:
April 30, 2013 1:00 PM Eastern
1 hour
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Guidelines for Calculating Measurement Uncertainty of the Interferometric Radius
Kate Medicus Ph.D., Metrologist, Optimax Systems, Inc.

Kate Medicus is a Metrologist and Optical Engineer at Optimax Systems, Inc. On a daily basis, she works to calculate and reduce the uncertainty in measurements in an optical fabrication shop. Her schooling, at the Center for Precision Metrology at UNC Charlotte, and her previous work experience, at NIST, has given her a solid foundation in uncertainty theory. Kate has published and presented at conferences research related to the interferometric radius measurement. 
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