Introducing the OSA Display Technology Technical Group
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The OSA Display Technology Technical Group invites you to join them for their inaugural webinar. Chaired by Dr. Daniel Smalley, this technical group focuses on the various aspects of display technologies; new device technologies used for displays incorporating OLEDs, holography, MEMS, etc.; the evolving field of 3-D display as well as display and sensor technologies used for creating augmented reality and interactive environments.


During this event, each of the group’s executive committee members will give a brief introduction of themselves and their interests. Committee members presenting include Joshua Kvavle, Hongyue Gao and Edward Buckley. Topics that will be discussed during the webinar include recent trends in the display technology field, an industry perspective of recent trends and military applications for new technologies.


Dr. Smalley and the committee members will also offer insight into future technical group events, including additional webinars, networking events, and technical programs, the group will seek to organize for its members in the year ahead.



Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
March 25, 2016