Rare-earth doped amplifiers integration onto nanophotonics platforms
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Sonia GarcĂ­a-Blanco   [ view bio ]
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In this webinar, the integration of rare-earth doped amplifiers onto passive nanophotonic platforms will be discussed. As the number of photonic components on a chip increases, the optical losses also increase. Low power consumption on-chip amplifiers capable of the amplification of high bit rate signals are necessary to further increase the number of optical functions that can be integrated on a chip. Rare-earth doped amplifiers are advantageous because, thanks to their long excited state lifetime, they can amplify very high bit rate signals in the small signal regime without distortion. When the rare-earth ions are doped into crystalline hosts, such as the family of potassium double tungstates, the large distance between doping ions permits increasing the doping concentration without significant fluorescence quenching. A large dopant concentration together with the large absorption and emission cross-sections of rare-earth ions in these host materials and the overlap between pump and signal light in a channel waveguide configuration, leads to a very high modal gain. In order to achieve power efficient amplifiers, high contrast waveguides should be utilized in order to enhance the intensity of the electric field inside the waveguide core. An overview of rare-earth waveguide amplifiers will be first covered, including their design and fabrication. The vertical integration of such amplifiers onto passive photonic circuitry will then be described in detail.

What You Will Learn/Seminar Objectives
  • Overview of most recent results in rare-earth doped amplifiers
  • Design of waveguide based rare-earth doped amplifiers
  • Design of vertical couplers for the integration of such amplifiers onto passive nanophotonic platforms

Who Should Attend
  • Graduate students interested in the field of integrated waveguide amplifiers
  • Photonics/optical engineers working on the design of optical waveguide circuitry

The level of the webinar is intermediate. The basic concepts will be explained. However, a minimum knowledge of integrated optics is assumed.
Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
December 09, 2014