Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Optical Pulse Propagation in Multimode Fibers
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As optical fiber communications and fiber lasers approach fundamental limits, interest in multimode fibers has grown. Additional motivation comes from the area of optics of complex media. Optical fibers designed to support multiple transverse modes offer opportunities to study nonlinear wave propagation in a setting that is intermediate between single-mode fiber and free-space propagation. As in single-mode fiber, solitons may be particularly important. Join the Nonlinear Optics Technical Group and Dr. Frank Wise for this webinar in which they will present theoretical and experimental studies of the basic properties and spatiotemporal behavior of solitons in multimode fiber.


Recent work has identified several new nonlinear phenomena in multimode fibers. Disorder, nonlinearity, and dissipation can all play a role in the observed dynamics. For example, a speckled, multimode field can undergo a self-cleaning process that yields a bell-shaped transverse profile.  New spatiotemporal instabilities occur, some of which can be understood in terms of multimode soliton dynamics. By varying the launched spatial modes, it is possible to control the spatial, spectral, and temporal properties of the output field.  Megawatt ultrashort pulses tunable between 1550 and 2200 nm, dispersive waves over an octave in frequency, intense combs of visible light, or continua that span multiple octaves can be produced in multimode fiber.


More broadly, multimode fiber offers a controllable testbed for studies of complex nonlinear dynamics, with connections to areas ranging from Bose-Einstein condensation to self-organized critical phenomena. Potential impacts of the observed phenomena on future telecommunication systems and fiber lasers will be discussed briefly. 


What You Will Learn in the Webinar:

  • Motivations for investigating pulse propagation in multimode fiber
  • Why the time is right to investigate nonlinear propagation in multimode fiber
  • A bit about modeling of multimode optical pulse propagation
  • Basic features of multimode solitons
  • Examples of new phenomena that occur in multimode fiber
  • Features of multimode continuum generation


Who Should Attend the Webinar:

  • PhD students, PostDocs and researchers working in fiber optics, laser dynamics, nonlinear and ultrafast optics
  • May also be relevant to researchers in optics of complex media and nonlinear bioimaging


Webinar Level:

  • Intermediate to advanced; basic knowledge of nonlinear and ultrafast optics would be beneficial.
Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
June 22, 2016