Polarization Related Emulation and Testing in Coherent Optical Communication Systems
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MP4Polarization Related Emulation and Testing in Coherent Optical Communication Systems

As optical communication systems become increasingly complex with high level modulations and broader bandwidth, understanding of the properties of the system impairments and their effective compensation is essential to maintaining reliable system performance. Polarization related impairments such as polarization variation, polarization dependent loss, and polarization mode dispersion particularly challenging due to their dynamic nature. The focus of this webinar is to introduce methods of monitoring and emulation of polarization related impairments as essential tools for analysis and mitigation of these dynamic system impairments. 


What You Will Learn/Seminar Objectives

  • Overview of polarization fundamentals including state of polarization (SOP), Polarization dependent loss (PDL), and Polarization mode dispersion (PMD).
  • SOP measurement and long term SOP monitoring for occasional transient responses.
  • PDL and PMD measurements for understanding system tolerances.
  • How to effectively stress test optical communication systems with polarization related impairments using emulators.
  • Polarization related tests for component/device qualification.


Who Should Attend

  • Optical communications system, device, and component developers and engineers.
  • Component and systems quality assurance personnel.
  • Network architects and planners.
  • Network operators, testers, and maintenance personnel.
  • Graduate students in the field of optical communications.



Intermediate. The audience should have basic understanding of optical communications, optical fiber properties, optical fiber test equipment, and polarization of light wave.



Shawn Wang, Senior Optical Engineer, General Photonics Corp.

Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
August 27, 2014