A Year in Visual Optics: Understanding the Human Eye & Visual Systems
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MP4A Year in Visual Optics: Understanding the Human Eye & Visual Systems
Webinar Series: OSA Applications of Visual Science Webinar

With this Webinar we intend to provide background for the understanding of the human eye and visual system and to show how such knowledge can be used at the forefront of science to analyze the eye, the visual system and for ultrahigh resolution diagnostics of the human eye.

  • Prof. Melanie Campbell (Department of Physics, University of Waterloo, Canada); an expert in the optics and aberrations of the human eye. 
  • Prof. Pablo Artal (LOUM, Universidad de Murcia, Spain); an expert in adaptive optics for the analysis of the human eye.
  • Prof. Stephen A. Burns (School of Optometry, Indiana University, USA); an expert in retinal imaging and in photoreceptor analysis.

Webinar Description:
  • The refractive properties of the eye will be covered and examples will be given of how these can be overcome. This is beneficial to vision and to ophthalmic imaging and diagnostics of the eye and retina.
  • Adaptive optics technologies and correction procedures will be described.
  • Imaging applications that allow visualization of the retinal photoreceptors and blood flow will be discussed in relation to diagnostics and in relation to visual function. 

What You Will Learn/Seminar Objectives
  • Monochromatic and chromatic aberrations of the eye
  • Adaptive optics for the eye and vision
  • Retinal analysis and photoreceptor optics

Who Should Attend
  • Anyone interested in learning about aberrations of the eye, their impact on vision and ophthalmic imaging. These limitations may be overcome with refractive corrections and adaptive optics that not only provide better vision or improved retinal imaging, but also can be utilized to explore the optics of both the healthy eye and eyes with disorders.
  • Students and researchers with an interest in ophthalmic technologies and the eye.
  • Ophthalmic industry employees and clinicians who wish to increase their understanding of the human eye and the technical possibilities currently available to explore the eye and retina.

The webinar will be targeted for beginners and intermediate researchers towards the specialists.
Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
December 10, 2013