Exploring Recent Advances in NLO Materials
Exploring Recent Advances in NLO Materials
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Nonlinear optics was essentially completely understood within five years of the laser being invented, but it remained a relatively small area of optics and photonics for decades afterward despite substantial research efforts. Now the confluence of readily available and compact femtosecond lasers, nanofabrication technologies and advanced materials are poised to create a golden age of nonlinear optics and photonics.


In this webinar presented by the Optical Material Studies Technical Group, Dr. Robert Norwood will discuss in detail the advances in these areas that hold promise for realizing the dreams of so many dedicated scientists and engineers. Application opportunities in optical communications, sensing, imaging, RF photonics and displays will be discussed among other areas.


What You Will Learn/Seminar Objectives:

  • Key trends in laser development, nanofabrication and materials development that provide an opportunity for increased penetration of nonlinear optics into the main stream of optics and photonics.
  • Leading application areas for nonlinear optical materials, devices and systems.


Who Should Attend:

  • Scientists, Engineers and Program Managers



  • The level of the webinar is inermediate. The basic concepts will be explained, however a basic knowledge of optics of materials will be assumed.
Seminar Information
Seminar Date:
January 25, 2016