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Collapse 2D Material Nanophotonics for Optical Information Science

The OSA Nanophotonics Technical Group and the OSA Quantum Optical Science and Technology Technical Group will come together to host this webinar on 2D material nanophotonics for optical information science featuring a presentation by Arka Majumdar.


Large losses in metallic interconnects pose a serious problem to the current infrastructure of data-centers and cloud computing. Using optical interconnects for short distances (<100m) one can improve the system performance. Unfortunately, the signal transduction between electronic and optical domain is energy-inefficient, limiting the use of optical interconnects. Exploration of new optoelectronic materials is absolutely necessary to build energy-efficient optoelectronic devices. Two-dimensional materials, a single atom thick monolayers,  are  a  recently  discovered  class  of  materials  with  unique material compatibility, and attractive optoelectronic properties. In this webinar, Arka Majumdar will present recent efforts to build such 2D material based nanophotonic devices, namely a graphene based electro-optic modulator and tungsten diselenide based optically pumped lasers, and also analyze the performance of nonlinear optical devices based on 2D materials.


What You Will Learn/Seminar Objectives:

  • Overview of the recently discovered single-atom thick two-dimensional materials for opto-electronic device applications.
  • How we design 2D material-based nanophotonic devices showing enhanced performance.


Who Should Attend:

  • Graduate students, postdocs and researchers interested in the field of integrated photonics and optical sensors.
  • Nanophotonic scientists working on the development of novel materials for opto-electronic device applications.



  • The level of the webinar is intermediate. The basic concepts will be explained. However, a basic knowledge of Integrated Photonics and Nanophotonics is assumed.
Formats Available: Streaming, Live Webcast
Original Seminar Date: October 13, 2015
On-Demand Release Date: Available Now
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