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Collapse Understanding Cloud Services, Market & Technology

One of the fastest growing areas across IT today, is Cloud. Networks are bursting at the seams while end users are all rapidly looking to migrate, but not without some healthy skepticism. This presentation talks to both end users and service providers enabling a clear understanding of the motives, business value and technology that can enable a profitable migration to help capitalize on this trend while also advising enterprise on pitfalls to avoid. 


Webinar Objectives

  • Why Data Centers and Cloud are growing like weeds.
  • Motivation for Enterprise move to Cloud.
  • Cloud Models that operators and end users are adapting towards.
  • New technology driving cloud adoption and network scale.
  • Technology enabling automating of the cloud.


Who Should Attend

  • Data Center Operators
  • IP and Cloud Network planning organizations
  • Internet Content Providers
  • Enterprise Resellers



Presentation will cover technology and applications easily understood by both beginners up to intermmediate level data center operators, planners and engineers.



Geoff Madding, Director of Cloud and Data Center Solutions, Zayo Group, Denver, CO

Vinay Rathore, Sr. Director Solutions Marketing, Infinera, Sunnyvale, CA




Formats Available: Live Webcast + Streaming
Original Seminar Date: October 29, 2014
On-Demand Release Date: Available Now
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